Link Icons

Feel free to use any of the following icons as a link from your web site to You can grab an image by right-clicking your mouse over it and choosing “Save As.” Alternatively, you may pull the image directly from via a remote gif link.  Use the Feedback form if you need help.

  1. Basic Icon

The following gif icon is 88 pixels wide and 33 pixels tall.

To include the image, just copy the following code onto your page:


Your link will look like this:

Self Help Legal Info

Feel free to change or eliminate the text, as well as to center it or whatever else looks best on your page.

Thanks to Bob Staake for creating the icon.  Visit Bob at

  1. Larger Icon

The following gif icon is 200 by 53 pixels.  Use only on a white background.

Thanks to Mike Baldwin for creating the icon.  Visit Mike at

Use this Icon